Meg Ryan

United States
About Meg Ryan
Born on: Nov 19, 1961 (Age: 52)
Born in: Fairfield, Connecticut
Marital status: in relationship
Height: 5' 8''
Sunsign: Scorpio
Weight: 119 lbs
Popular As: Actress
Popular For: Movies, 'When Harry Met Sally,' 'French kiss,' 'City of Angels' and 'Sleepless in Seattle'

Remember the peculiar, outspoken Sally from ‘When Harry Met Sally?’ Well, Meg Ryan has carved a special niche in our hearts. Her acting and styling makes her the perfect package. Her trademark trimmed, wavy hair has helped her gain widespread attention. She never goes wrong on the red carpet. Her effervescent personality and her love for comfortable, chic dresses makes her quite popular. You don’t have to spend oodles of money to look like her, for her style is quite affordable.

Sterling Pendant

Meg was looking very pretty on the red carpet as she was looking absolutely wonderful in the pendant which was classy and awesome. The actress was wearing a silver pendant with the silver chain with studded gems which was ruling on the red carpet. She came wearing this piece at the "Countdown to Zero" Premiere at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes festival. The diva was looking pretty in her violet dress and her pendant.

Square shades

On the carpet of 63rd Cannes Film Festival, the actress was waving to her fans wherein she was looking ravishing and glamorous in the new style. She was wearing a masterpiece and looking beautiful. The different kind of square shades were worn by her on the occasion and she was looking pretty in them. The black colored bold glasses were square in shape and made her look very young and trendy with a touch of feminine glow.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Actress Meg Ryan and her daughter Daisy were out with a friend in Santa Monica and she was spotted there in the awesome sunglasses which were different and catching our attention. She was wearing short framed rectangular sunglasses which suited on her face very well and she was looking dynamic in these glasses. The blonde actress looked awesome and the black colored glasses matched her black outfit and hairs were done very simple and basic.

Knit scarf

The navy dark blue colored scarf matched her casual outfit very well. She was seen at the Brentwood while strolling with her cup of coffee and she looked amazing in her jeans and blazer. The actress was deeply into herself and the scarf added to the beauty of the clothes making it a bit formal and more stylish. It matched her blonde hairs very well and made her look awesome. The scarf was draped very casually around her neck.

Baseball Cap

Meg was seen wearing a baseball cap which was looking sweet and simple. The long overcoat and the cap matched very well making her look like common sweet lady. She was spotted shopping for food. The lady wore the baseball cap which was having the logo of her favorite television show and the team which she supports. The casual and sporty look of actress melted all hearts and her love for baseball and the team was clearly reflected.

Bucket Hat

The simple and casual hats always look fabulous on the actress and she was seen wearing a bucket hat which was white in color. The actress was spotted at the lonely beach in Hawaii where she was on a call and seemed to be very happy and in total mood of fun. The casual clothes matched her mood and nature as well. She was having lot of fun and the white hat was keeping her hairs safe from sun and the sand and keeping it stylish.

Box Clutch

Meg was ravishing in a dark grey gown at the opening of the 56th Cannes International Film Festival. To match her outfit, she carried a slightly dark colored silver box clutch in her hand. Rectangular shaped, curved at the sides and framed with beads, the purse nicely coincided with the lines of her dress. She did not attribute the simple design to any brand.

Cross Body Tote

The lovely actress sauntered down a New York street in an attractive ensemble, a dark winter trench coat over a grey sweater. The typical New York trendy look was finished with a nylon cross body by Prada. The frontal zipper, fold over design and buckle straps give the bag a very casual appearance not to mention its shape. There are no distinguishing features except for the insignia.

Little Black Dress

At the 2008 Crystal + Lucy Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Meg kept it simple with a knee length black dress. She didn’t add any embellishments as that would detract from the sheer beauty of black. Thus, we can perceive the most attractive features of the ensemble which is the sexy open toed shoes and her soft wavy hair that frames a rosy face.

Evening Dress

Meg radiated elegance when she modeled her silky purple dress at the premiere of The Women in LA. The dress was a lovely color that added radiance and a youthful hue to her skin. She didn’t wear any jewelry which would have probably benefited the outfit, instead preferring to just style her hair in wavy curls. The scoopneck blouse flatters her upper body, bringing attention to her pretty neck and shoulders. The wide belt is also very complimentary.

Full Sleeve Gown

When Meg Ryan stepped into the Bambi Awards 2008 at the Oberrheinhalle in Offenburg, Germany, she turned heads with her sultry dress. The slinky dress hugged her curves and accentuated her svelte figure while the elongated sleeves outlined her arms well. Eyes were drawn to the lines defining her bottom half in a curved pattern. She chose to compliment her dress with a diamond bracelet. A good idea since she was going for simple sophisticated.

Floral Maxi Dress

At the 'Serious Moonlight' premiere in New York City, Meg showed off her quirky side by dressing in a nature pattered dress. It was not only ankle length but had long sleeves and a narrow length. It was not one of her best choices and could easily be her worse. The flower patterns and the insect markings on a pure black background look very old-fashioned. Made worse by the shape of the dress. It is like she decided to check out something from her Grandmother’s wardrobe. And even weirder is the thing around her neck that resembles a loose noose.

Gray Day Dress

Meg Ryan paraded her feminine, stylish attributes at the Countdown to Zero" photocall at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival organized at the Palais des Festivals. This classic gray dress is simple and lightly detailed with two sashes. It falls very well to hug her curves and is a wonderful union of conservative fashion mixed with trendy elements.

Purple Gown

Usually the Cannes Film Festival sees celebrities going all out for their fashion statement. Meg Ryan kept it simple with a quaint elegant mauve evening gown paired with a lovely sterling pendant. There was nothing overtly flashy added to make the dress stand out, so I guess Meg wasn’t looking to make a scene.

Long Curls

The actress grew her hairs and she looked prettier than before. The lady was spotted at the 2008 Crystal +Lucy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and she was looking amazing in the new avatar. She was looking in the long hairs which came till her shoulders and the long hairs on her suited very well. The long hairs with waves and nice curls looked fabulous on her face. The hairs were parted perfectly from middle and appeared to be ravishing.

Medium Straight Cut

The straight hairs were looking great on the actress as she flaunted her beauty in a sleek manner. The actress came to the Premier of "Kate & Leopold" at the Mann Bruin Theater, Westwood, CA and she flaunted her beauty through medium length hair which came till her shoulders and she looked amazing in the beautiful hair tresses. The layered cut soft hairs were looking beautiful on her face and she was looking very graceful.

Medium Curls

This time she is seen in medium length hairs but with her signature curls. The grayish golden colored hairs looked fabulous on her. The curls were coming on her shoulder and this made her look sleek and feminine. The lady had spread all her charm beautifully and she appeared to be the prettiest color ever in the event. She was spotted in this hairstyle at the premiere of "The Women" Mann Village Theatre which was in New York.

Short Curls

Meg loves the curls and she knows how to carry it off beautifully. She loves the short hairs and always keeps it simple and stylish at the same time. This was the event of PREMIERE OF "IN THE CUT" in Beverly Hills and she seemed to look ravishing in whatever she wore and the way she made her hairs. The lady looked absolutely divine in the curls and the hairs were parted to one side of her face giving it a perfect balance.

Curled Bob

Meg as usual was looking stunning in her bob curls. She looked fantastic as she appeared for the premiere of "Biutiful" during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. The curls on the bob cut were making her appear classy and hot. The actress always loves to keep it short and sleek. Her blonde hairs were reflecting beautifully in the event and she looked purely a diva. The media focused on her and she loved the attention received.

Bob curls

The bob curls were looking fantastic on Meg Ryan. The soft curls of Meg were awesome and she appeared to be one of the best dressed stars. The hairs were parted perfectly from middle and the short curls were coming on her neck. This new hair color with blonde and golden with black locks looked awesome on her. The girl appeared to be awesome at the opening night production of "Das Rheingold" held at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center, New York City.

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