Lady Gaga

United States
About Lady Gaga
Born on: Mar 28, 1986 (Age: 28)
Born in: New York
Marital status: in relationship
Height: 5' 1''
Weight: 110 lbs
Popular As: Singer- Lyricist, Dancer, Activist
Popular For: Exceptional Dressing

Lady Gaga has not only taken the music but also the fashion world by storm.  Apart from being a mesmerizing crooner, her bizarre dressing on every appearance that she makes is fascinating. Shutterbugs can’t help stop clicking her wacky style and fans go gaga over it.  Be it the meat dress, bubble dress or the hair dress, the blonde carries the uniqueness extraordinarily well. Avante garde designers crave for lady Gaga to don their creation just for an event. Indeed, she is an unconventional fashionista.


Aluminum Spiked Gloves

Gloves with spikes, isn’t it going to hurt? Well for Lady Gaga anything and everything works. She indeed manages to stand out in the crowd with her experimental accessories.  The singer was spotted wearing fingerless gloves with long spikes which was designed by Kerin Rose. Seriously, that was outrageous and any kid would get scared after seeing it. 

Hunting Season Duchess Bag

Although Lady Gaga wears outlandish dresses but her collections of bags are just too beautiful. She was spotted carrying a Hunting Season Duchess Bag which has a look of purple rainbow python skin.  The bag being sleek and sophisticated gave a good impression on the onlookers and this was a bit different from what Lady Gaga usually takes. 

Tiger Print Bikini

Lady Gaga is very less spotted sporting bikini. Unlike her inclination towards quirky dresses, her swimsuits are just the normal.   The pop sensation was snapped wearing this skimpy tiger print bikini. Snorkelling with her friends in the swimming pool she had a quality time and looked very comfortable in the swimsuit.

MAC Viva Glam 2011

Lady Gaga joined hands with MAC cosmetics for the Viva Glam advertising.  The latest shoot showed the ethereal looking Gaga holding sparkling jewels.  The singer acted like a goddess with sublime things around her and at the end of the ad, Gaga applies the nude shaded lipstick from the makeup brand.  The newest line of MAC shows her signature on each packaging. 

Cutout Corset Gown At The Grammys 2012

While most of the celebrities got themselves clicked on the red carpet, Lady Gaga was nowhere to be seen. Instead she got everybody’s attention while sitting with the audience at the Grammys 2012 award function. Only Lady Gaga knows the reason behind skipping the red carpet. Anyways, the Born This Way Star didn’t disappoint the onlookers with her ensemble. Flaunting a black Versace cutout dress, she covered herself in black net.  With a perfect accessory in hand, i.e. gold staff, Lady Gaga matched to her old trend of unusual style. 

Cling Film Outfit

Is there anything left to be shown Lady Gaga? This is the question which we all are asking after seeing this picture of the sensational crooner. The Born This Way singer seriously needs to take dressing lessons because this cling film outfits hardly lets anything for imagination.  This one is sure to make her fans go gaga. 

Bubble Dress

Lady Gaga has an eccentric saga of dresses and the bubble dress is one of the craziest that she ever donned.  This dress constituted plastic bubble which was created by her creative team. Well, leaving not much for imagination, Gaga’s bubble dress indeed created a stir. 

Leather Cap Sleeved Fitted Coat

‘Bizzare’ is the word for her dressing.  One gets startled with her every new appearance and it’s tough to guess what’s next in the closet.  In her latest appearance, the pop diva sported a Maison Martin Margiela leather zip front coat. Voguish in every aspect she looked good and pepped up the style with her eclectic hairdo. Moreover, the dresses that she wears are simply outrageous and she can try anything and everything possible.

Yellow Wig

Lady Gaga looks delightfully sexy in this yellow wig. The sassy singer says that she has more than 20 wigs and she can change her hairstyle everyday without going to the hair dresser. 

Hair Bow

Lady Gaga’s bow hairdo is the one she has often been spotted with.  This is the best hairstyle that she tried, as the perky bow made her look gorgeous which is once in a blue moon.  The sensational pop star was able to pull off the style because of the hair extension. 

Hat Hair

Blessed with straight blonde mane, the pop star experiments a lot with her hairstyle.  One of the best hairdos that she ever tried was the hat hair. The diva became an inspiration for so many designers and couturier Lorenzo Riva actually incorporated her hairstyle in the Rome Fashion Week. Gaga’s hat hair was truly avante garde.  


"Dollface" Pout Lips

The "dollface" pout created by Lady Gaga is the most amazing lipstick style that she ever applied.  It was unique and fascinating and that’s what inspired the Poker Face singer to doll up in that way.  This was merely done with the help of two different shades of lipstick. 

Fake Big Pupil Eye Makeup

Gaga tries to make her eyes as dramatic as possible.   At the MTV video Music Aid Japan Concert her eye makeup showed fake pupil drawn on the eyelids.  The Born This Way singer did a big eye look on her eyelids and kept her eyes shut so that her eye makeup catches eyeballs. 

Giant Googly Eye Makeup

Like her looks, lady Gaga’s eye makeup is also exceptional.  The pop star is blessed with big eyes and her eye makeup is always gaudy.  The giant googly eyes which she got for the shoot of her music video Bad Romance was among the most impressive.   She managed to make her big eyes even bigger with the makeup. 

Lady Gaga Audi R8 GT

Lady Gaga spotted in her new Audi R8 GT; the sleek and silver sports car turned heads and inspired massive interest on the Web. 

Lady Gaga star in film

Lady Gaga will be the new face of Director Quentin Tarantino next film. 

New pink-and-lavendar hairstyle

Pop star Lady Gaga has been traveling around Tokyo sporting a new pink-and-lavendar hairstyle. 

Penis Heels

Creativity is infinity and Lady Gaga proves it right. God knows what the singer wanted to show by wearing the penis heel at the American Idol. But the style was indeed jaw dropping and startling.  Goodness gracious! When will this diva stop experimenting with unusual stuffs? 

10 Inch high heel

Lady Gaga anyways had the vigor to wear this 10 inch high heel but she toppled over as she tried putting her best foot forward.  The shutterbugs snapped her falling and dancing all the way to the Heathrow Airport, which was indeed a hilarious moment. Oops! Watch your step.  

Nine Inch Heel

The outrageous singer was seen wearing a whopping 9 inch heel on her way to catch a flight, Phew!  It’s only Lady Gaga who can wear such uncanny heels and walk in public. 

Little Monsters

The ‘Born This Way’ star impressed her fans, by getting ‘Little Monster’ inked on her left arm. The tattoo design is a plain lettering tattoo placed just beneath another tattoo, the singer sports. The tattoo came just a day after she made big at the 2010 Grammy awards. After getting the tattoo done, the singing sensation addressed her fans on Twitter, "Look what I did last night. Little monsters forever, on the arm that holds my mic." The message was followed by a picture of her tattoo.

Arm tattoo

Lady Gaga has got her arms inked with a long poem which is a tribute to her favorite writer, Rainer Maria Rilke.  The tattoo is in German language and it means, “Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write? "

Going Commando

Lady Gaga never forgets to accessorize herself with bizarre trends but this time she forgot something very essential.  The Born This Way singer went commando as she stepped out on the street of Manhattan wearing a red ensemble.  This dress had a big front slit because of which her private parts got visible and the photographers went crazy for getting her picture.  The fact that she forgot her undergarment became a discussion for the tabloids and her risqué piercing also came in notice. 

Upper Body Show

Lady Gaga suffered wardrobe malfunction at 2011 CFDA Awards which bared her breast and got the shutterbugs hooked clicking to the faux pas. While Gaga was busy posing in her black bizarre jumpsuit this event took place.  Whether the Poker Face singer did this intentionally or not but the gimmick did well. 

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