Kate Vernon

About Kate Vernon
Born on: Apr 21, 1961 (Age: 53)
Born in: Canada
Marital status: single
Height: 5' 8''
Sunsign: Taurus
Weight: NA

Born to a famous father, Actor John Vernon, Katherine Vernon was never alien to Hollywood and popularity. But her role as Lorraine Prescott in a CBS soap opera- Falcon Crest made her an household name, as the famous Kate Vernon. Kate has been a versatile actress who has played a wide variety of roles which range from the beautiful Kate to the dramatic one, from the love bound Kate to the interesting and funny one, from the misunderstood Kate to the comedian that she is, from the sexy mistress to the dynamic and eccentric mother that she could be. Her excellence in every role was bound with a natural aesthetic style making Kate one of the famous personalities in the Hollywood. Kate more than an actress is first a mother of a pretty young daughter and a humane person who realizes her responsibilities as a single mother.

Peek-a-boo dress

Kate attended the 'Godsend World Premiere’, dressed in black from head to toe. She wore a black trouser and same colored top, which went transparent on her midriff and gave her a very stylish look. The black shimmery top looked gorgeous on Kate and let her sweep on the red carpet with elegancy. This see through outfit portrays the confidence of Kate and also show that Kaye does not believes in exposing herself the wrong way. Yet again, it is a quality that underlines her responsibility towards social etiquettes.

Mini Dress

Kate may have played a mother to Miley Cyrus in 'The Last Song' but in reality Kate herself is molded to be young and sexy. She attended the red carpet in a Black Halo Blake mini backless dress which was tailored in layers around the backside. She carried the black dress amazingly well with a pair of black stilettos.

Red Overcoat dress

Dressed in crimson red overcoat-dress paired with black see through leggings, Kate looked at her best. She looked hot and sexy as she posed with her co-star. The dress color matched well with the movie name 'Red Faction: Origins' which was premiered in Los Angeles. The whole outfit was bang on for the premiere.

Lovely Curls

That’s a look one could die for. Kate looked lovely in her trademark blond curls as she appeared at the world premiere of her movie 'The Lost Song'. She might have been a mother of a teen in the movie but she looked pretty in short black dress. Her hair took away probably every single person’s breathe. Just wish her we knew her healthy hair secret.

Layered Cut

Kate looked old and pallid as she posed with her co-star Robert Knepper at the set of Battlestar Galactica. Her hair lacked the expected curls and was swept back in odd manner which made her look even more outdated. Age did show on her face because of the way she made her hair. It was quite normal and gave her pale beauty.

Blond Curls

Kate’s bouncy hair looked fantastic during an award function in Los Angeles. The blonde hair went perfectly well with her silvery white dress and also complimented her entire look. This hairstyle is something any chic would die for. The curls looked absolutely natural giving her hair depth and texture which is absolutely desirable. The color of her hair as well is just so nice that one could just yearn to have hair with such texture, color and finesse.


From Chuck Negron

Kate Vernon has a daughter named Annabelle Vernon, with her ex boy friend Chuck Negron. Now she is a single mother to her daughter and has made several public appearances with her including at the premiere of The Last Song. This adorable daughter of hers is just as gorgeous and sweet as her mom.

Light make-up

When it comes to make-up, the Canadian actress believes in keeping it minimal and she always manages to look her best with the same minimal makeup. Her natural beauty is always on the exposure. She attended Children Uniting Nation's party dressed in smart black gown and soft touch of pink lip color. Make up is something Kate knows how and when to put it on.

Pink Lipstick

Kate Vernon ditched the regular glamour present at the 7th anniversary of Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna's Belle Grey Boutique. With her hair tied back and minimal cheeks glowing soft pink she could be adorned to the deepest sight. Her lips were a blush pink color, not too bold but just on the spot. She looked absolutely beautiful with her daughter Annabella.

Simple and Sober

Dressed in a white pencil knee-length skirt with black blouse, Kate looked elegant and sober with just a little hint of make-up on her face. Her looks were simple and lips painted in buttery brown shade giving her face a soft touch. She, in this attire is a perfect example of ‘beauty lies in simplicity’.

The Last Song

The Last Song is a movie based on the book written by Nicholas Spark. Kate played Susan Blakelee, mother of a young teenage daughter (Miley Cyrus). The movie was a Walt Disney Creation and became very successful not only in America but throughout the world. This romantic movie seemed to touch the hearts of the youth worldwide. Though her role was brief one, she played her part with care and elegance being a mother who was compassionate and understanding.

Dangerous Touch

Kate played a radio therapist who is graced by the lust and desire she hold for love making. She falls for her co actor Lou Diamond Phillips and thinks that she has found her ideal man. 

Topless photo shoot

 Kate Vernon went topless as she posed for Randee St. Nicholas. The actress gave herself out to look like an angel wearing nude make-up. Beautiful lined eyes and wet hair falling over her bare shoulders was a symbol sheer gorgeousness. The portrait was photographed to the finest details giving importance to the light that make her look even better.

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