Ways to style 5 basic t-shirts

Pragya BhargaviSep 3 2011

T-shirt is the one item in a girl’s closet which has survived all the changing fashion trends. T-shirts suit all occasions, casual or formal. T-shirts, mostly are worn by women, in the same style over and over again. This makes them look boring and almost fades the style quotient of the t-shirt. Here are some innovative ways of styling your t-shirt. Read on and add to your looks.

Styling t-shirts
Styling t-shirts

1. White t-shirt

Almost everyone has a plain white t-shirt in the closet. For long, you have been pairing it with a jeans or a skirt and wearing it in the same old style. Here are few creative ways to style your plain old white tee.

a. For a more sophisticated look, wear the same t-shirt with a tight-fitting jeans or a nice shorts. Wear pretty high-heeled sandals and carry a clutch in your hand.

b. If you want to wear your tee with leggings, remember to wear a long and a slightly loose t-shirt. You can also add a blazer and some nice funky jewelry to complete the look.

c. If you are a skirt person, wear the t-shirt with a skirt and heeled sandals. It looks superb.

d. Your white t-shirt can also be tucked in your pant and worn with a blazer, sandals and nice accessories.

e. If you feel that your plain t-shirt has turned quite boring, paint it and decorate it with sparkles and stones. It will simply change the way your t-shirt looks.

f. For a neater look, you can pair your t-shirt with a colorful scarf. This will add color to your plain t-shirt and make you feel great.

g. If you are wearing a plain white tee, always wear it with a well-fitted jeans and nice colorful flat sandals. This will give you a great casual look. You will look simple and sweet.

2. Black t-shirt

Black is a classic color when it comes to clothes. Most buy it for the slimming effect it has. You can transform your plain black tee to a stylish sexy top.

a. If you want a casual look, wear a bib necklace with your plain black top. You can also use other colorful accessories like bangles, handbags and pretty sandals.

b. If you want to wear the same black t-shirt to a party, do not worry. Team up your t-shirt with accessories in metallic color. Golden or silver accessories look great. Wear ear rings, necklaces, nice sandals in metallic color and see your black t-shirt dazzle.

c. To go to your office, the t-shirt can be worn with a well-fitted jeans or a nice skirt. You can carry a stylish leather purse and wear a pretty high-heeled sandal for a complete formal look.

d. A black t-shirt can also be worn with a denim shorts and colorful accessories.

e. To add a more stylish look, wear your black tee with a nice scarf around the neck, big sunglasses and pretty sandals.

f. In the winter season, you can wear a long colorful cardigan over your black t-shirt. This will keep you warm and add color to your outfit.

3. Over-sized t-shirts

Over sized t-shirts, though popular, should be worn in a suitable manner. Wearing it like other plain t-shirts can make you look funny rather than lending a hot chic look.

a. You can tuck your over-sized t-shirt in a skirt, cargo pants or shorts. You can also wear an attractive belt and nice sandals for a glamorous look.

b. Wear the tee with skinny jeans. Tie a pretty belt on the t-shirt for a neat look. You can also try dropping one of the shoulder of the t-shirt to make it off-shoulder.

c. Be a little creative and cut out the arms of the t-shirt. Wear this with a tight jeans or leggings. Add lots of funky accessories for a super cool look.

d. With an over-sized t-shirt, you can also wear a long blazer or a long colorful cardigan. It looks really nice and different.

4. Graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts are popular fashion in colleges. Graphic tees styled with a plain denim jeans makes lends a boring look every time. Here are few other ways to sport that graphic on your tee while looking hot.

a. For an attractive look wear your t-shirt with colorful accessories and sandals.

b. For a feminine look, a graphic tee can also be worn with a mini skirt and high-heeled sandals. You can also add some nice jewelry with it.

c. If you wear the t-shirt with a nice yoga pant, it will give a very stylish look for the gym.

d. In winters, wear a full-sleeved t-shirt under a graphic tee. It gives a different charm to your t-shirt and also protects you from cold.

e. For a little formal style, wear the t-shirt with nice tailored pants and a jacket.

f. Wear the t-shirt with a mini-skirt, nice sandals and scarf. You can also wear it with skinny jeans, high-heeled sandal and nice jacket.

5. Sailor t-shirt

A stripped t-shirt can be styled in a number of ways. accessorizing it well, can add a feminine look to the sail t-shirts.

a. Addition of accessories like bags, necklace, bracelets enhance the look of a sailor t-shirt and makes it look very pretty.

b. A t-shirt with black and white stripes looks cool and is very comfortable to wear on a summer day. Team it up with flip-flops.

c. Take care of your figure. Narrow stripes mostly look good on girls with a good body frame. Also, do not make a mistake of mixing different colors when wearing a sailor t-shirt. Use accessories of similar colors.