Time to pull up your leggings

Nishtha TaposhMay 31 2006

Leggings are in again. Young women are wearing them with tunics, dresses and skirts as fashion defense.


If you're skirt is revealingly short, you can wear leggings, if your 'wobbly bits' need to be concealed, you can wear leggings. To shield yourself from the cold in your over-air-conditioned office, you can sport leggings, and even if you haven't waxed, you can resort to the garment.

Madonna is wearing them with designer outfits, Lindsay Lohan, was recently spotted wearing a pair.

The recent whopping sales of leggings have been the biggest boon to the hosiery market. Bloomingdale, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom are all well stocked with leggings and they are all ordering more legging inventory to keep up with demand.

Via msnbc