Stylish and cool Bling Sequin Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are more of a fashion statement than a necessity these days. So it’s not just enough to have a fanny pack to stash your cellphone, iPod, loose change and other odds and ends for easy access. It’s equally important to carry these around in the ultimate style. The Bling Sequin Fanny Pack is here to serve this very purpose.

sequinnedfannypack large EM9eP 7860
sequinnedfannypack large EM9eP 7860

One is spoilt for choice when it comes to the color of this unique item. You get it in bright cheery red, shades of pink, white, gold, blue, and even in a number of interesting patterns like black and white zebra, gold leopard and a few more. What is common between all of these is that they all glimmer and shimmer, thanks to the sequins. So all eyes are immediately drawn to your waist.

Speaking of waist, the waist girth is adjustable. Make good use of the double zip pockets to categorize your precious stuff. Cool to wear to college, perfect for parties and ‘stylishly useful’ for travels. They call it unisex, and that’s one thing I am not sure about. I can’t picture men sporting this.

Source: Patricia Field