Painful heels in vogue

Nishtha TaposhSep 21 2006

The recent crop of high-heeled shoes, is the latest fashion suffering for women.

high heels
high heels

Shoes these days are getting chunky, clunky and not very chic. Even designer shoes are getting higher and stranger by the season.

Women are expected to march to work in high heels without a hint of a wince, even if they keep limping and their ankles get twisted in pain.

Rather than looking cool, women don't even walk properly and look utterly ridiculous.

Madonna last week road tested her new season Prada platforms, only to be supported by the cardiganed arm of her husband, Guy Ritchie.

The designers who make us look so odd, have their own verdict. They clarify that the voluminous dresses in this season have to be balanced with something equally over-the-top on your feet.

And consequently, we pay the price for being fashionable.