How to make a lace up back dress

Nidhi SinhaSep 17 2011

Lace dress is always in vogue. You can easily transform a simple dress and add a lace up back by applying different sewing patterns. Adding up the lace up back does not only elongate and enhances your dress, but also provides an elegant finishing to the entire dress. While designing lace to the back of your dress, decide how much skin you are comfortable showing off and then sew accordingly. Here are a few easy steps on how to conveniently make a lace up back dress.

Lace up back dress
Lace up back dress

Difficulty level: Moderate

Estimated cost: Depends on the quality of the fabrics used

Time Taken: 30-45 minutes

Resources Required:

  1. Dress pattern
  2. Fabric
  3. Chalk or pencil
  4. Sewing machine or needle
  5. Thread
  6. A pair of scissors
  7. Ribbon
  8. Fusible interfacing
  9. Eyelets and eyelets metal disc tool

  1. Cutting out the piece: Whatever dress pattern you are planning to design, simply trace that pattern onto the fabric using a piece of chalk or pencil. Sew the dress together and put the dress inside out on a flat surface with the back of dress facing upward.
  2. Taking the measurement: Draw a line in the center of the dress that measures 21/2 inches from the top to below the waistline of the dress. Cut the dress along the measured chalk or pencil line. Fold the opened fabric on to the wrong side so that it makes a V shape. Cut the length as much as your comfortable showing but leave off 2 inches of the folded fabric. Then, sew the fabric using a straight stitch.
  3. Using Fusible Interface: Now cut two pieces of the fusible interface, each measure 11/2inches wide by the marked length and place them along the wrong side of the V shaped fabric. To reinforce the edging of the grommets, fuse the interfacing using an iron. Make dots that measure 11/2 inch away from the edge along the wrong side of the V shaped fabric. Each dot itself should be at least 1 inche apart.
  4. Sewing the dress: Puncture the marked dots using a pair of scissors and inset the bottom piece of eyelets or grommets below the fabric through each punctured slit. Ensure that the metal disc tool is laid down underneath the bottom piece of the eyelet and the top piece of the eyelet goes on the top of the slit. Hammer them carefully and repeat the process until all the eyelets are place on each of the slits punctured in the back of the dress.
  5. Finishing the dress: You could thread a long piece of ribbon measuring 1-11/2 inches wide through the eyelets. Wear on the dress and tie a ribbon in a bow according to the length of your choice. And finally, apply a little bit of fray after taking off the dress.
Frequently Asked Question:

Q. I don’t want to add grommets/eyelets in my dress. Is there any way to sew the lacing loops into the dress?

A. Of course, you could sew lacing loops in your dress. You could either buy them or make one. If you are using ribbon, you can purchase button loop tape from different supplies. However, if you are available and want to sew your own loops, there is an easy way to do it. Simply, cut the bias strip of your dress fabric and create piping enclosing a cord in the bias strip. Now, insert the piping into the seam and design it into loops before applying the lining. Lace the loop through and stitch it down the seam. It’s the sturdy looking lace form that you could sew into your dress.

Quick Tips:

  • To morph the line, biased skirt, cut the bodice back to fit the closure.

  • When sewing the loops to the dress, ensure that each loop is similar in size and don’t look under-managed or irregular.
Things to watch out for:

Take necessary precautions while working with needles and scissors.