Kate Moss clothing launch; fashionistas hold high expectations

NehaApr 30 2007

Since the announcement, last September, designers, fashionistas, celebrities, fashion critics and it seems everyone was waiting for the launch of supermodel Kate Moss's clothes collection. And finally, the time has arrived; her collection has hit the shelves of Topshop, the British retailer. And the publicity has been really, really huge.

kate moss 1451
kate moss 1451

The collection will be launched in another 21 countries, in the next two weeks. The range accommodates only 50 pieces and some 'hulla boo' between the shoppers is quite expected. To keep the nuisance away, a new rule has been put that each person will b able to buy only 5 pieces. Moss is being expected to be a bigger hit as compared to Madonna. And I may say that's wise and true enough.

It seems her own lifestyle has a great impact on her designs and will basically include skinny jeans, floral mini dresses and sawn off denim shorts. And why not, she has been the source of inspiration to thousands of women across the globe. This can also be taken as a career option for her, as age is coming to her. So, we can actually call her a style guru. What do you think?

Source: Yahoo