How to make jewellery out of waste materials

Rina NagNov 12 2011

Give a little support to your creative mind and introduce some mind blowing jewellery from waste materials. The loads of paper that accumulate in your home every week is not a waste as those are used to make different type of useful products when recycled. You can make something new out of these papers and gift it to your close ones. One of the best creative ideas is making jeweley out of wasted materials. It looks good and gives a fashionable look when made with perfect color combination. In this section of information you are going to get some detailed information on how to make attractive jewelry with the help of paper and glue. Explore this story to get the details:

Magazines into Jewelry
Magazines into Jewelry

Difficulty level: Moderate

Estimated Time: It varies person to person

Resource required:

News paper



Wooden stick

Jump ring

Glue gun

Beads chain/ neck wire or ribbon


1. Select the colorful portion of news paper

These pendants will look good if you combine some bright color potion of the news papers. Now tear some pages of the news paper before recycling it to the recycle bin. Papers should be long so that you can fold them to a coil.

2. Mix and Match

You can use different colored papers to have good color combined effect in your pendant. It looks good when two-three different colored papers are joined together. So take two-three colors of waste papers and cut it lengthwise.

3. Fold the long papers and roll it to a coil

Now, fold the papers from the side and make each of them into a thing strip. The strip of these papers should be little wide so that you can form a coil out of this. Now, with the help of a wooden screwier, start rolling the paper strip. Be careful while rolling the paper as, it has to be properly rolled into a coil. While rolling, apply short temperature glue from the glue gun and keep rolling. The hot glue becomes hard very fast and the paper sticks quickly.

4. Wait for sometime after forming the coil

Once you have completed making the coil, wait for sometime if you have used the white craft glue as this needs little time to dry off. Now, take the measurement of the coil in a white paper and cut a white paper piece out of that. Little bit of thick paper will work nice in this situation. Now apply adequate amount of white glue in the back side of the coil and fix one eye pin to the coil. Place the eye pin in such a way so that its loop sits on the top of the coil. Press the white paper on the top of the coil’s other side. Press it for sometime so that it gets set to the glue.

5. Attach the pendant to the chain

When the glue is dried off, fix a jump ring to the loop of the eye pin and make sure it is tight and fixed. Now attach beads, chain or neck wire or colorful ribbon to the pendent. You can also stick small beads or one big stone in the middle of the pendant to give it an elegant look.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is it possible to make earring out of waste paper?

Ans: Yes, it is possible. In the same method you will have to roll the paper and stick it with glue and white paper nicely. Attach a jump ring to it. You can also stick small beads to the earring which will make it more elegant and beautiful.

Quick tips:

1. Once you make completed the neckpiece or earring, always leave it for 1-2 hour so that the glue will dry off, otherwise the pendent can open up while wearing.

2. Use tough glue so that it can hold the eye pin.

3. Use low temperature hot glue gun, as it harden very fast and makes your work easier. If you are using simple glue, make sure to press the coil for sometime, unless and until the glue sets on the coil.

4. Make sure to apply proper amount of glue so that it do not ooze out when you are rolling the paper into a coil.