Indulge in the Luxury of Conair Massaging Spa Foot Bath!

Ritu ChauhanNov 5 2007

Walking all day on high heels is a torture for our poor feet that we don't realize, until we free them of those towering sandals in the evening. As they unwind after the entire day's torture, they cry for a little bit of pampering, they so deserve. It is on occasion like these, that Conair Massaging Spa Foot Bath comes to our rescue! The wonderful product accompanies all the bells and whistles you could dream of, and has a removable rolling foot massager's rest underneath the feet.


The beauty boasts of three settings, vibration and heat, bubbles and heat and water jets, which can be turned on concurrently. It flaunts five pedicure attachments, which can be snapped onto the center unit, which spins as soon as it detects the pressure of your foot. To give your feet a clean and healthy wash, it contains a pumice stone attachment along with the massaging ball one. You can add in Epsom salt and moisturizing shower gel for further conditioning and a soothing effect.

This sure is wonderful treat for any woman who wouldn't want to sacrifice her looks for her comfort, quite like me!

Via: Glossypink