Increasing fashion consciousness among Chinese men

Nishtha TaposhDec 7 2006

It is not just a women's thing anymore! Urban Chinese men reportedly spend 8.6 minutes a day gazing at themselves in the mirror and shell out 80 yuan (US$10) a month on beauty products on average reveals a recent survey.

consciousness among chinese men 14
consciousness among chinese men 14

Men in Beijing and Shanghai were competing amongst them on whose residents were most vain.

Those in the capital spent the most money on cosmetics - an average of 119 yuan a month, but those in Shanghai looked in the mirror the longest - about 17 minutes a day.

The survey of men aged 18 to 60 in seven major Chinese cities was conducted jointly by Horizon Research Consultancy Group and a Shanghai fashion and media company.

The trend is not confined to the sale of cosmetics only. Chinese men are increasingly investing in plastic surgeries too.

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