How to style short hair

Ritu MathurJul 5 2011

Short hairs are increasingly becoming fad nowadays. Especially during summers, more and more women now flaunt their short hairs, adding to their popularity. Styling short hair in different styles can be real fun. Think of celebs who have made short hair style glamorous. Victoria Beckham, one of the most popular page 3 and media darling in contemporary times sports short hair with spunk. Rihanna has made short hair a craze among adolescents. There are many more celebs like Emma Watson, Selma Blair ,etc who proudly sport their hair short. So, when you're heading to the salon for getting short hair, don’t worry about not being able to style your hair. Just be sure to read our different tips for styling short hair.

Complexity level – Basic

Time required: 15 – 20 minutes Daily

Estimated cost: $2 - $5 per week maintenance

Resources Required:

1. Hairspray

2. Blow dryer

3. Hair setting Gel

4. Styling Gel

5. Accessories like pins, clips, etc


1. Accentuate Curls: If you have wavy or curly hair, then it would be a good idea to highlight them. Use styling gel to accentuate your individual curls. Short and long hair can be pulled up. Hair around your face can be pin curled and then left loose.

2. Lift up your straight hair: If you have straight hair than you can add some spunk to it by styling front hair. You can simply use a volumnizing product and scrunch it a bit. Then lift it off from the forehead. Now you can either decorate this with hair accessories like pins or can leave it that way. Both the ways it will look beautiful.

3. A New look for bangs: If you have bangs, then either apply a bit of spray or hair gel and pin up your bangs at one side. Alternatively, you could or apply gel and let them stay loose on your forehead. It adds that funky look which suits fun loving girls. You can try this look when you are out for a movie.

4. Ponytail: A very short ponytail looks glamorous when going out casually. You can use elastic bands or clips. Alternatively baby pins also look great on short ponytails.

5. Play it up with Highlights: Highlights on short hair look quite fab. Short, layered and messy hair with multidimensional highlights can be quite sporty and can surely be a head turner. Choose the color of highlights according to your skin color and tone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the quickest way to style my short hair?

The quickest and a sure shot way to style short hair is to blow dry your hair. Run your fingers through your hair in the way you would like your hair to be. If you want to add volume to your hair than you’re your hair upside down and blow dry it. Apply some styling gel and you are good to go.

Quick Tips:

1. It is always better to use a thickening cream on thin hair before styling them. It will help in giving right volume.

2. If you have dry hair, always use a heat protectant before blow drying your hair.

3. If you have frizzy hair than use conditioner and styling gels to manage your unruly hair.

Things to watch out for:

1. Do not use too many styling products at one go. They will spoil your hair for next styling.

2. Don’t blow dry your hair often. You will end up with dry and damaged hair.

3. Always read instructions well before applying curlers to your hair.

4. Sometimes keep your look simple and natural. That is also a style in itself.

5. Never use hair color on your own. Always go to a professional for coloring hair.