Fashion Must Haves for summers from Mango

mayuri majumdarApr 9 2008

Mango has unleashed some pretty dazzling summer designs and must haves. The polka dot is back in place and so is the flared skirt from the '50 s. Also, it is time to add vibrant blues, peacock blues, melon yellows and perky pinks to your wardrobe. The good old combination of checks and stripes is back in action. Do not forget to team up your matt finished outfits with shiny vinyl shoes, belts, jackets, hats. The time is just right to flaunt your tube skirts, maxi dresses. Big prints will rule the fashion world this summer. Take hint from the collection and you would instantly understand what I am saying.

mango 2008 summer musts 11536
mango 2008 summer musts 11536

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