Fashion for 50 plus

Nishtha TaposhApr 26 2006

If, you have stopped counting the candles on your birthday cake, it means that you are in a dangerous age when dressing in the right gear is very important.


When you are 50-plus, choosing the apt style is the difference between being remembered for all the right reasons or written off as mutton dressed as lamb.

When it comes to style, you should not despair about getting older, instead, you should pick up your style with caution.

Definite throw aways include short, mini-skirts, thong with hipster pants, very tight jeans, heavily decorated boots, cropped tops, too-tight tops and clingy ones, unless you are petite and toned.

Longer skirts, fitted jackets, V-neck tops, pumps and smart boots should be abundant in your wardrobe.

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