Fashion faux pas to be avoided

Nishtha TaposhJan 18 2007

Check out these strict fashion no-no's for this season:

1. Don't try to get draped in all the latest trends, all at once. Don't combine more than two trends at once.

fashion faux pas to be avoided 14
fashion faux pas to be avoided 14

2. Don't wear too many logos at once. Or you might look like a walking billboard. One logo per outfit is acceptable.

3. Don't you dare step out of your house wearing socks with sandals. It looks stupid.

4. Your pant legs should neither be shorter than your ankle, nor longer than the top of your shoe.

5. Displaying your bra straps or undies is a fashion crime and same goes for extremely sheer tops and bottoms.

6. Heels might take you to the top of the world, however, shoes with an extremely high heel look really loud and cheap.