Dezi AniMules looks cool as well as keeps your feet warm

Apabrita BasuNov 30 2007

When it gets cold inside the house, the booties or rather the covered house shoes help in keeping your toes warm. The latest buzz in the slipper line is the Dezi AniMules Fuzzy Animal Slippers.


The cute looking slippers are made for both kids as well as adults. These slippers are very unique because each of them have a different animal design. The Dezi AniMules have cow like slipper pair, which has an extended top part closely resembling the horns of the animal.

I can now understand why the company sells the slippers as AniMules. The company also makes slippers that are shaped like different animals. For example, the duck, dalmatian as well as the Zebra slippers are some other versions. I think the most unique slipper is the Salamander Graphix pair which is shaped very much like a fish.

So now you have a wide range of slippers to select. Also, the site which sells the stuff mookiegifts has a very unique name. The Dezi AniMules Fuzzy Animal Slippers sell for almost fifteen dollars a pair plus shipping.

Image Credit: Mookiegifts