How to make a bubble skirt

Nidhi SinhaSep 20 2011

Bubble skirts are trendy, ruling all over the streets and translate into a flattering dress, which are perfectly apt for any occasion. If you follow fashion trends, then you got to have some in your wardrobe as well. And fortunately, making them at home is fairly easy. Here’s how you can make a puffy bubble skirt within few hours.

Easy steps to make a bubble skirt
Easy steps to make a bubble skirt

Complexity level: Moderately easy

Resources required:

1. Elastic waistband

2. A needle

3. Chalk or pencil for making pattern (optional)

4. Thread

5. Fabric (prefer cotton or any light weight fabric)

6. A sewing machine

Time required: depends on the stitching skills

Estimated cost: 20 to 30 dollars (only the cost of supplies included)


1. Cutting the fabric: Cut two lengths of the pleated fabric using the measurements of your hips and waist. As we need wider lengths for puffing the bottom of the skirt, make sure to crop it 25 percent wider than the width of your hips.

2. Fitting the fabric: Now, hold the fabric against your thighs and leave additional room on both the sides-The front and the back for wrapping the fabric around the leg. Scrape off any unneeded material.

3. Sewing and seaming the fabric: Sew the front and the back pieces of the fabric together. Next, roll over the seam about 21/2 inches from the front and sew its bottom edge to the front to make a casing for the waistband. Wind your elastic waistband all around the sides using a thread and allowing some leeway for the band to expand and contract as required. Now, secure the ends of the waistband by topstitching it into the casing.

4. Finishing the skirt: Finally, fold the bottom edge about half inch underneath. flip your skirt right sides out and sew a hem to provide a tailored look to your skirt.

Congratulations, you are finished and ready to sport your bubble skirt!

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. How can I convert my existing dress into a fashionable bubble skirt?

A. Altering your existing dress is extremely easy and it only takes some hemming and sewing process. Follow these simple steps to make bubble dress out of your ordinary dress. Firstly, cut the top of the dress you have selected and then sew an elastic waistband to the hem. Fold the top edges and seal off the edge from over the top of the waistband. Now, your dress is converted into a beautiful bubble dress.

Quick Tips:

1. You could add a little bow to the waistband or anywhere for embellishing your bubble skirt.

2. Keep the hue of the fabric and color of the thread same to avoid the visibility of the stitches.

Things to watch out for:

1. Before beginning with hemming and stitching, be riveted on what sort of bubble skirt pattern you want.

2. Take necessary precautions while working with the scissors and needles.