Aladdin Slippers

Disha SinghJan 22 2007

Take a break from your regular sports shoes and designer heels with Aladdin-styled shoes. Here I am with awesome Aladdin slippers from the lands of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

aladdin slippers 49
aladdin slippers 49

The colorful taste of the countries can be seen on the footwear. These slippers are typically designed in pointed curly-toe. There is no limit to the variety of colors. You can buy them in any dark or light shades. The slippers are decorated in sequins and tiny beads come in myriad colors. They have colorful embroidery in silver, golden and 'resham' threads.

These are made in natural leather with very strong hemming stitching. These are can be worn by men as well as women. They will look amazing with your jeans and chiffon kaftans. The price of a pair depends on the work done on it.