9 Style tips for broad shoulders

Akshay KaushalOct 3 2011

Girls blessed with broad shoulders often sulk for the fact that their broad view gives a masculine look. No body type is bad unless you know the perfect way to flaunt it with a scintillating dress. With little style tips, you are sure to flatter your broad shoulder with perfection. It’s a fact that women are never contented with their figure and keeps on looking for flaws, but it’s also pertinent that the way you carry yourself matters the most. Broad shoulders can be given uber sexy feminine touch. For that, you need to be a magician and know the trick to distract the eyeballs from looking at your shoulder to other beautiful parts of the body. Read on to know about 9 style tips that would help you minimize your broad shoulder view and give an illusion of the perfect feminine figure.

Perfect style for broad shoulder
Perfect style for broad shoulder

1. Wear halter tops and deep v-neck

Having wide shoulders doesn’t mean that you need to hide it by wearing full sleeves dress or bulky clothes. If you have got it flaunt it. Just follow this principle and look gorgeous by dressing yourself stylishly. The halter tops and deep v neck tops will definitely show your décolleté and would pull the eyeballs to your cleavage rather than your broad shoulder.

2. Go for long tops

If you adorn long tops then this will shift the view from your neckline to the dress and your svelte, toned legs. One piece dress which reveal the legs are always welcome for women with broad shoulder. Always make sure that the dress you wear accentuate your curves and make you look curvaceous. In fact the hour glass figure is often the most adorable among girls.

3. Choose kimonos and dolman sleeves for your body

The type of sleeve that you wear should keep kept in mind especially when you are having broad shoulder. You are more or less related to the apple shaped figure. Go for kimonos or dolman sleeves as this will make you look stunning and awe striking. Dolman sleeves are basically wide at the armhole and narrow at the wrist, therefore it hides your broadness.

4. Your top straps should be wide

Thin straps don’t look cool on lasses with wide shoulder. Remember, the straps can also change you look. So, wear wide straps that covers large part of the shoulder.

5. Don dark tones above and lighter ones below

You should be having contrast in your dress. The upper part of your body should be adorned with a deep shade top and the lower part should go for light ones like white or cream. This will help reduce your broad view of the shoulder.

6. Don’t wear square or boat neck dress

If you want to minimize the look of your broad shoulder then try to give an illusion of roundness. So, in order to do that, you need to wear lunging and v necklines. But don’t go for the square or boat neck dress.

7. Avoid tops with decoration on the base of the shoulder

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your pattern and color of the dress also matters to minimize the look of your broad shoulder. So, avoid tops with decoration on the base of the shoulder, this will enhance the broad view.

8. Avoid wide collars and lapels

Wide collars easily catch the glance of the onlookers and so it is advisable that women with wide shoulder should not wear dress with wide collars and lapels.

9. Avoid padded or puffed sleeves

Women with broad shoulder will look disastrous if sport a padded or puffed sleeve. This will make the shoulder look broader and give a masculine view.