8 Ways to style clothes for a bottom heavy figure

Nidhi SinhaAug 22 2011

Those women who are little too heavy around their bottom always search for dresses that could accentuate their curves more exquisitely and make their bottom go slightly slender. Although not all every dress can flatter their heavy bottom look, but with few smart tricks, they can easily hide off their shortcomings. If you fall into the same category of body shape as well, here are some fashion tips to help you with your heavy bottom figure.

Different ways to conceal your heavy-bottom figure
Different ways to conceal your heavy-bottom figure

1. Selecting Apt Jeans for Your Figure Type

Do not live in the myth that jeans do not suit you. If you have avoided jeans off your closet until now, there are a few jeans type that can work on your pear body. When selecting jeans, always choose the one with boot cut leg openings and back pockets. Such jeans will perfectly balance your wider hips and broader thighs.

2. Wearing Color, Fitted Clothes that Help Balance Your Figure

Do you know that a fitted piece and suitable color of your dress can balance your figure, just the way you want? Well, wearing a jacket with puffy sleeves or waist length top can slim your figure. To conceal your fuller thighs, make sure that jacket does not fall short around your waist. Also, tight dresses or skirt with non-clingy fabrics should always be left out of your wardrobe.

3. Going for the Flared Skirts

You can certainly make your skirts which hits the knees work on your bottom-heavy figure. All you have to do is to accessorize them with a belt, band or gathers around the waist. Because, only your shoulders will be showed off, the heavy hips will be consequently concealed. Strong bare neckline is perfect for the heavy bottom shape to balance its broader bottom half.

4. Print Illusions of the Top Half

To take the peoples’ eyes off your wider bottom shape, accentuating the top half with prints is another classic trick. Prints such as menswear checks or plaids, floral prints, polka dots or slimming side stripes, all can make a great option to create illusion of slimness.

5. A Solid Lower with Short Torso

As a recommendation, never wear a jacket that ends right at the widest portion of your figure. It will make your body look more bulky. Let the waist fall exactly below your bust line to beautify your pear-shaped body. Always, select dress with raided waist as they look best on women with thick waistline and fuller hips.

6. Selecting a Perfect Neckline

V-neck, turtle-necks, open-collars or a knotted neckline are best options to pull off your heavy bottom figure. Always remember, a pretty neckline helps a lot to draw attention around your face and not around your full hips and thighs.

7. The Coloring Effect

Use appropriate contrasts to highlight your figure feature and camouflage all the shortcomings, you want to hide. To elongate your waist and look slimmer, select right colors for your figure type. Always, prefer light colored shade for your top and dark shade for your heavy bottom.

8. Looking Fierce in Swimwear

To flatter your heavy look and make your legs look sufficiently long, avoid wearing boy shorts as they make your thighs look boxier. Swimwear with graphic prints such as vertical stripes or floral plaids flares out your wider thighs and hips. And as a must essential tips to hide your shortcomings, avoid wearing small bikinis.