8 Tips to dress up for a job interview

Sapna BistSep 3 2011

When you head for a job interview, there are several factors that affect the decision of the interviewer to decide your fate. One of the essential factor is your dressing sense. The reason being, that your attire and outfit along with your body language and demeanor will play a major role during your job. Your dressing sense reflects your personality. Here are a few basic tips you should adopt while dressing up for a job interview.

Dressing for a job interview
Dressing for a job interview

1. Choose the outfit which complements the nature of the job

Different jobs have different requirements and different nature of outfits. Dress according to the nature of the job. Follow the following guiding tips

a. Finance or Law

While going for a job in finance or law domain, keep your outfit as severe and classic.

b. Social environment, Medical or School

Choose comfortable and practical outfits for these jobs. Go for comfortable and natural fabrics.

c. Commerce

Commerce job require wearing a suit for the interview.

d. Communication or Advertising

While going for an interview in the communication or advertising domains, you can experiment a bit and wear something original. However, if you’re not sure about choosing the adequate outfit, stick to sober suits in plain colors, fine jewelry, white shirts and a pair of simple shoes.

2. Be yourself

Being a bit creative and original is not bad. But you need to balance originality with good sense and blend them together. A creative touch can be brought by unique shoes and accessories. However do not over do it.

3. Cut and Color of the outfit

The cut and color of the outfit are the two basic things that you need to consider. Stay away from provoking and sexy outfits, like tight-fitting blazers pants, miniskirts or tight-fitting blazers. The safest and most accepted choices are pants and shirts , knee length skirts and dresses. Regarding color, it is best to wear neutrals colors like, white, black, blue, pastels or gray. The most sophisticated and elegant color to wear for an interview is black and white.

4. Accessories

Your personality should be reflected in your outfit. Few elegant, subtle and sophisticated accessories can be added to these job outfits to reflect your personality and your personal style. Accessories are also helpful in putting some life to the severe outfits. But avoid oversize jewelry. Also, never wear daring and too bright colors.

5. Shoes

Chose your shoes wisely, as a lot of your personality is reflected by your shoes. Stay away from extreme high heels. The reason being that they are uncomfortable. Never wear shoes which have some crazy and unique design made on them. In order to impress the interviewer, the best way will be, to keep the shoes as simple as possible. Classic shoes like a pair of black shoes are always the safest choice.

6. Handbag

Carry a smart handbag. Choose a size which can carry your bloc notes and resume easily. Always choose a handbag of light color.

7. Makeup and hairstyle

Makeup and hairstyle should also adhere to the ground rules of dressing for an interview, which are naturalness and simplicity. Do nude makeup, this will look very professional as it will give your skin flawless look. While applying lipstick or lip gloss always choose the natural color and tint and avoid bright and dark colors altogether. Do not go for a professional hairstyle. Keep it very simple. You can go for a bun or classic chignon. The hair style should be such that the hair looks tidy and clean. Do not wear very strong perfume. Nails should be clean and properly cut and trimmed.

8. A clean and tidy physical appearance

Whatever clothes, accessories or shoes you wear they should be neat, clean and tidy. Reason being that neat and clean clothes and shoes will convey a lot about your personality and will also enhance your self-confidence.

Since, many times the interviewer’s opinion cannot be reversed after the first impression, so it becomes very crucial for you to pay tremendous attention in deciding and choosing the right outfit, accessories, shoes, handbag and makeup. The ground rule should be to keep your outfit professional with a touch of your personal style. Do not pretend to be what you are not but be yourself and decent.