6 Ways to style a brooch

Dipika SharmaSep 2 2011

Brooches are one of the most consistent and trendy fashion accessory used by people since ancient times. They make you look sophisticated and highly glam. Brooches are known to be one of the oldest fashion accessory which is still as popular as it was before. Unlike the past when brooches complemented the lapels of the dresses now it has a much evolved and versatile use. You could use a brooch as per your fashion style. You can easily add peppiness to a simple drab outfit by accessorizing with a brooch. Here are few tipsto style your broach.


1. Clothes

You can be at a win-win situation if you sport this chic fashion accessory on your clothes. You could attach a stunning brooch to your dress, blazer, tops, etc. Plenty of options are available in the market when it comes to brooches- gem stones, swarovski, funny shapes and unique sizes all make the brooch a great fashion accessory. Add elegance to your overall looks by using a nice brooch. Fasten your cardigan or scarf knot with a brooch for a casual yet uber cool look. A single brooch is a safe bet however you could make use of two-three brooches at once for an edgy appearance. Make sure the brooch complements the color of your attire in a great way otherwise it might be a complete flop show. Brooches are not just meant for the upper part of the body, you could experiment by using a brooch on the waist line of a stunning skirt and be ready to turn heads. Use small brooches as buttons for your dress.

2. Hair

Break the rules and get set to make your own fashion trends. Use a brooch to accessorize your hair. You could simple use a stunning brooch as a hairpin. Just make sure it is not too big or gaudy otherwise you might become the butt of jokes. A small insect or butterfly shaped brooch will work great as a hair accessory. Get a glittering brooch to style your hair for a perfect romantic evening. A loose bun can be accessorized with a beautiful broach to give a sophisticated look. You could alternatively attach a brooch with a hair band or ribbon. Try to wear brooch on either side of the head instead of placing it right at the centre.

3. Purse

Give life to a dull and old purse by accessorizing it with a trendy brooch. You could pin brooch to a large handbag or to a simple clutch. The brooch will add luxury and glam quotient to your over all appearance. You could also use the brooch for the handle of your bag to make it appear interesting.

4. Bracelet or necklace

Who said that a brooch can be worn only over clothes? You could step forward and use a brooch as a piece of jewelry. Pin the brooch onto your chain or cord. Be prepared to put your best hand forward by using a brooch above a simple bracelet. For using brooch as a piece of jewelry you must opt for ones made up of semi-precious and precious gem stones.

5. Shoes

Use a brooch on your shoes to make them highly fashionable. Make sure you use two identical brooches both the shoes. This will give life to your stilettos which you might have thought of discarding. Stick to simple small designs if you want to use a brooch on your shoes. You could attach the brooch in the front, sides or the back of your footwear. A ribbon along with brooch would do great justice to your idea.

6. Hats

Hats are a great utility for uplifting the fashion feel. Buy yourself a trendy hat and accessorize it with amazing brooches for a highly sophisticated and glamorous look. Do not over accessorize your hat with brooches as that might look too gaudy.