6 Things you can do with used baby clothes

Sanika NAug 25 2011

Your child grows at the speed of lightning but their clothes don't and hence in a mere time span of 2-3 years after their birth you have a huge pile of worn out and used clothes. Some clothes might even be quite new which your baby has worn just a few times. What should be done with these clothes? Keeping them occupies a lot of space in your storage area and throwing them away just like that can't be done due to the emotional attachment. Here are some great solutions. Take a look.

Used baby clothes
Used baby clothes

1. Baby clothes swapping party

Call up all your friends who have had children. They are sure to face the same problem that you are facing with the baby clothes. Now collect the used clothes of your baby, put them in a box and throw a party for all such friends of yours. Ask them to bring their used baby clothes as well and swap it with yours. Have snacks and soda and enjoy the party while your baby gets some new clothes to wear.

2. Baby clothes swapping online

There are many websites on the Internet which run online stores for used baby clothes. Visit these websites, read their instructions and ship your old baby clothes to them. They would in turn send you some other baby clothes. Not much money will be spent in this and you get quite new clothes for your baby.

3. Baby consignment shops

There are consignment shops which take in used baby clothes from people and either donate them or recycle them. This will take up some time of yours in collecting the clothes and driving to the shop, but you will earn some money and some goodwill. Most of these shops or service providers take in clothes on a kilogram basis and the rates are pre-decided.

4. Sell the baby clothes yourself

You can arrange a baby garage sale in your backyard and sell the used baby clothes. You will get best returns from this sale and along with baby clothes you can sell off used baby toys and other accessories as well.

5. Donate the baby clothes

Donate your baby clothes to orphanages or women's charity funds. You can even give them to churches that are attached to schools which keep orphan children. You will get not money out of this but sheer blessings from the homeless and orphan children. Donate to a needy institution where your clothes will be put to maximum use.

6. Store them well

After giving away or swapping baby clothes you still have a lot remaining which you feel you can't give away; store them in a container on the attic. Keep them for children which may come in later years or may be for some relatives' children. If you keep them with some moth balls in a cloth bag, they will get stored well for years. A friend of family member can use the clothes for their baby. Sometimes women keep clothes of their children for their grandchildren.