5 Ways to style scarf with a turtle neck sweater

A scarf can really help you to thaw out, especially when you are outdoors. A scarf can be styled with a turtle neck too, to keep your shoulders, arms, or chest balmy. Your neck will not need as much attention due to the cozy high collar you have worn. Also turtleneck makes the neck look chunky, so tie the scarf knot away from the neck. Here are a few tips to help you style scarf with turtleneck sweater.

Style scarf with a turtle neck sweater
Style scarf with a turtle neck sweater

1. Around the neck

Turtlenecks are tight and stiff and if you are teaming a scarf with it then you might want to focus on the shoulders. They have certainly not been bundled up like your neck. Just throw the scarf around the neck with both the loose ends hanging down on the front. Each loose end should be on either side, i.e., one on each shoulder. You can leave the scarf like this to keep you warm on the front. Also, you can throw one loose end over the alternate shoulder with the scarf folding in the middle of the chest. This style is quite cool and casual.

2. Flip over and tie

Just throw the scarf around the neck with the loose ends hanging behind. Now flip the ends in the opposite direction typing a knot. Then bring the loose ends on the front and let them dangle. Causal and smart, this style looks great when you are wearing a turtleneck with pants.

3. Loose loop

You can also tie a loose loop in the middle of your chest, a little below the neck. This looks chic and also shields your chest from the chilly breeze. It is also known as the loose tie or ascot knot. Throw the scarf over your shoulders with the middle behind the neck and loose ends on the front. Take one loose end and pass it under the scarf on the opposite side. Bring it up again and let it fall over the end hanging from the opposite side. Adjust this loose knot a little and you have a cute fold in the middle just right for a semi formal do.

4. Side knot

Tie a knot on one loose end and then thrust the other end through the hole in the knot. Not you have a knot that slides along the length of the scarf. So you can position this knot anywhere on the front. However, the turtleneck adds a lot of weight in the middle. So slide the knot on any one side near your shoulder. This looks really stylish over formal wear.

5. Drape like a shawl

One of the most elegant ways for gals to wear a scarf is to drape it like a shawl or stole. This really compliments evening wear and cocktail dresses. Just fold the scarf in half diagonally to form a triangle. Thrown the pointed tip over your shoulders and bring the loose ends on the front.