5 Tips to style floral prints in fall

Aastha KocharSep 21 2011

A floral look will give you a simple yet stylish look. It blends with a casual or a special occasion if adopted intelligently. It will give a feminine and freak out style. There is a lot in store to choose from. You can go for floral printed dresses, leggings with a beautiful floral print, or may be a pretty floral print top. Here are five tips to wear floral prints in fall.

Styling floral print for fall
Styling floral print for fall

1. Look for popular colors

You should always make an effort to look for popular colors such as purple, brown, red, etc. these are the typical colors that go well with the floral pattern. Generally, you will prefer only few selected colors. It is better to go for darker shades such as purple, brown, black or red.

2. Look for bigger and bolder prints

You should see to it that the prints which you chose are not tiny. Let them be big, bright, and attractive. It always looks wonderful if you go for eye catchy prints and colors.

3. Do perfect pairing

Your floral can look best if you match them properly. Do not make a blunder by making a wrong match. If you are planning to wear floral shirt, choose pants or skirts that completely complement the same. You can always go for colored jeans as they blend well with the floral pattern.

4. Be confident when you step out

One thing that always makes a difference to whatever you wear is your confidence. Always be confident before stepping out of your home. Be prepared and believe that you look stylish and are absolutely ready for the fall.

5. Be prepared for weather

It is always convenient if you prepare yourself for the weather outside. If you think that it is cool out, than you should be prepared with a solid colored sweater or jacket.

Quick tips for carrying floral prints

1. Remember that the floral print dresses that have a band around the waist can help your waist look narrower. Do not forget to match your sweater with the band color. Tying a belt around the waist is a great option to make your waist appear narrower.

2. Look for colors that are bright and happy.

3. Don’t do the blunder of wearing a floral top with a flower bottom. It is always advisable to complement floral prints with contrasting plains.

4. Just always remember to choose a garment that suits well with your body type and accessorize well.