5 Last minute Halloween costumes

Amit PrabhuOct 28 2011

If you’re looking for some great Halloween costume ideas but have waited until the last minute, then you don’t need to be in anguish. There are some Halloween costumes that are easy to do even at the last minute. These costumes are available for some discount that can go up to 70 percent. You can look great even if you don’t have enough time for preparation.

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume

The best part is that you can even make them yourself with regular household items. Last minute Halloween costume ideas are more about being creative and putting in plenty of hard work to get a perfect get-up. Here are a few last minute Halloween ideas.

1. Umbrella bat

You can make an umbrella bat costume out of an old umbrella. You can go to the Evil Mad scientist website, if you want to know the step by step instructions on how to make it go. You might think that it is slightly cheesy but at least it’s environmentally friendly. If you don’t like this idea then you can make something else using your imagination.

2. Bonny and Clyde, Outlaws

The relationship that has carried on through decades has been represented by Bonny and Clyde. They were a couple who robbed gas stations, convenience stores and banks in the early 1930’s along with their gang. There is a belief that they’ve killed at least 9 police officers and many more civilians. Ultimately, they were caught and killed down in Louisiana by police.

Here, you along with your partner can dress nice in an early 20th century way. You can wear a hat, get a fake gun and for representing the money you’ve stolen you can get a cloth sack with a dollar sign on it. For the sake of innovation, you can throw some candy in the money sack and give it out to individuals while you’re in the city.

3. Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Roman and Egyptian Empire

Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt who was in relationship with Mark Antony and Caesar. She was not especially beautiful but was charming and seductive. This could be a fun take off of the goddess costume and normal Roman god. Try and dress as a Roman would, for dressing like Mark Antony. Make use of white undergarments and produce a brown vest with matching brown forearm straps and bicep straps. Around the neck, wrap a red toga like thing.

For dressing like Cleopatra, you can wear a white dress with gold embroidery. For making yourself flashy, you can get some fake gold jewelry. Dress pretty much in a very Roman/Greek inspired way. This could be fun dressing as one of the most famous ancient couples.

4.Tarzan and Jane, Disney

Tarzan is the story of a young boy whose parents get killed by leopards. He is raised by a gorilla named Kala. Jane is the daughter of a professor who is a part of a research group. The story goes such that Jane when in jungle gets separate from her group and Tarzan ends up saving her from a group of apes. It’s a typical love story of two individuals from entirely different worlds.

The costumes to dress up like Tarzan and Jane are very easy to make. Just visit a store that sells fabric and you can make shoulder strap and a skirt for Tarzan at the comfort of your home. For dressing up like Jane, you can go in 2 different directions. You can either dress like a person who is on a safari in jungle or you can dress like a Tarzan in a skirt and bra. It all really depends on you as to how you want to portray yourself.

5. Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Superman

Clarke Kent is also known as the modified character of superman. Clarke is said to be a reporter for the daily Planet. It is a perfect role for a superhero who is often present at crime scenes and absent from office. Lois Lane is his colleague who frequently rejects Clarke coming towards her but is obsessed with superman.

Here you must wear something that a professional reporter would wear. You can wear a suit, tie and black frame glasses for dressing up as Clark. To dress up as Lois, dress as a female news reporter, wearing suit and heels. If you like you can also carry a note pad or voice recorder with you.