4 Style tips to dress like models

Sheila AnandSep 11 2011

Everyone likes that silent compliment in the eyes of people when you flaunt your style. Be it a new dress or pair of shoes, you like to glamorize like models. When you see stunning models flashing gorgeous outfits, you desire same style for yourself. Looking as stylish as a model does not require expensive wardrobes or designer labels. Adopting simple style basics to your dressing style can make you dress up like a model. Here are a few essential style tips for the model-look.

Style like model
Style like model

1. Choose your style diva

If you would like to look great then you have to look up to great looking people. Choose your style diva, may it be some model or movie star or any celebrity. You need not to copy your style diva but to follow their style statement.

Choose right clothes according to your body type and profession. Models look good because they have confidence. Next thing you need is comfort in your outfit. If you wear comfortable outfits, it will automatically boost your confidence. Do not follow blindly any fashion trend unless it suits your personality.

You can look stylish with jeans and t-shirt that means you don't need branded outfits to look like models. All you want is correct body language. A confident person can win many hearts. Keep a smile on your face and try to be stress free. Drink lot of water everyday to hydrate your skin.

2. Make up tips

Apart from clothes, you must ensure that you have right make up. One of the common mistake when trying to dress like models is to put on lot of make up. Make up is only effective when it enhances your natural beauty. Apply right amount of make up on your skin and choose only good products for your skin. Too much make up can harm your skin as well as your look.

Models have great looking body and figure. You can achieve same fitness by eating healthy food and exercising. If you have healthy skin, it will have natural glow. Take 8 hour sound sleep and you will have beautiful skin.

Always keep your nails in good condition i.e. clean and polished. Keep your feet in impeccable conditions. Your elbows and knees are equally important. Exfoliate your skin once in a week.

3. Hairstyle tips

Hair are most important part of your entire look. Try to compose simple but stylish hairstyles according to your hair length. There are various hair care products in market, use them to improve your hairs. Visit good hair dresser who can suggest you more hair care tips. Coloring hair again and again will damage your hair and they loose shine. Choose good color for your hair that matches your skin tone. You can embellish your hair with accessories according to occasion.

4. Fashion accessories

Accessories are key to be stylish. Right accessories can make you look outstanding. Even a single accessory will make you look a diva. It may be a scarf or bag, wristwatch or belt which will change your look completely. Never overdo accessories and coordinate them with your outfits. A pair of nice earrings can add sparkles to your face.

Women like heels but too much can spoil your look. Always choose comfortable pair of foot ware. Remember your posture depends upon right shoes. Stand up straight with confidence. Those are some really simple tips to look like a ramp diva. Enjoy your life.