3 Ideas to carry 70’s look

Dhanashree GiriSep 19 2011

The retro seventies look is a recurring fashion trend and, if included in a judicious way in your wardrobe, can inject an extra dash of cool in your style. While the decade serves as a huge inspiration, the look has been updated in its reiteration in the 21st century. Read on to find out how you can achieve this boho chic look.

Vintage 70's styles
Vintage 70's styles

1. Go hippie

The hippies or free love children were known for their carefree attitude and punk music. The trend began in the 1960s and continued for at least two decades. This was a decade characterized by the rise of the individual fighting the good fight against the man. A quick way to include elements from this era is to keep the individuality factor in mind, and go for chunky jewelry, fake fur collar jackets, tie dyed tee shirts, and bell-bottom pants. Keep it funky with loud and garish colors that will create startling contrasts.

2. Evening wear

Disco made an entry in popular culture at this time and took over the world. The de rigueur party dress code became wide, flaring, bell-bottom pants for both the sexes and trouser suits with humongous wide collars for men. Shades of green were in fashion and men were often seen in shiny, clingy, and stretchy synthetic shirts to show off their bodies. These stretchy fabrics maximized their mobility on the dance floor. If you want to look retro chic, then you can opt for an open collar shirt in a contrasting color with a gold chain or medallion around your neck. Pair it with platform shoes that are at least 4 inches high.

3. The miniskirt rage

The invasion of the miniskirts was complete by the time 70s dawned. This provocative piece of clothing, along with calf length dresses, called middies, were seen everywhere. Maxis, or caftan like ankle length dresses, were also a rage. Young girls flaunted their legs in tight fitting hot pants as women’s liberation movement swept through this period. The silhouettes have become even narrower these days, and new versions of these garments eschew the loud prints while keeping the shape.

The 1970s was the era of disco. The increasing availability of new man made fabrics leads to a drastic change in the fashion world. Experimentation, be it with sexuality, politics, banned substances, music, social norms or clothes, was the norm. From custom made tee shirts and baseball jerseys, to one-piece swimsuits to three-piece pantsuits, many new trends were embraced by the fashion conscious crowd. Make up was always glamorous, and the dark, black winged eyeliner paired with a nude mouth made its debut. Instead of going the whole hog, incorporate one retro 70s element in your look and relive the glory days.