3 Clothing choices for small busts

Leka RamSep 5 2011

Many women are worried about their bust size and are not able to wear fashionable dresses to bring out their real beauty. Some of them even opt for cosmetic surgery for enhancing the looks and size of their breast. Though it has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can look for some simple ways in which you can enhance your breasts by modifying your dressing sense. Here we have put together 3 ways to enhance small busts with the choice of clothing.

Clothing for small bust
Clothing for small bust

1. Lingerie

Choosing the best lingerie can work wonders on you. When you choose a dress you need to work on the basics to enhance your breasts. One of the greatest inventions for the fashion industry is the push up bras. If you are in need of confidence, consider using the padded bras that help to increase the volume. You will be able to impress by using this type of bras. Apart from giving more volume some of these bras give good shape to your breasts too. While choosing the bra ensure that you choose ones that have a perfect cup size and band. It is a good idea to try them before buying. Or else you may have to return the product if they do not fit properly.

2. Tops

There are several misconceptions about the type of tops to choose and wear if you have small busts. All you need to remember while choosing the tops is balance. Avoid using extra large tops to hide your shape or use ultra-tight tops to show off what you have. What really matters is the neckline. Avoid using tops that have extremely low cut necklines. Select clothes that have more of frills and ruffles. Use of a scoop-neckline with decorations will greatly enhance your looks. Other necklines to choose from include crew and asymmetrical and gathered and boat. These patterns will draw away the attention from the busts to other aspects of your body. Using horizontal lines are also beneficial because they shrink the hips and make your busts look bigger.

3. Dresses

The biggest advantage about women with small busts is that they can be comfortable by wearing different kinds of fashionable dresses. They can wear specialized tops and even use extra low-cut or backless dresses. Those of you who have small busts need not worry about exposing something that you do not want to. By choosing appropriate dress styles you can mask the features and enhance the overall elegance. The best type of neck styles that work miracles on you is the drape neck style. You can use it on your tops and other dresses too. What you have to remember is to choose the right color and lines that can flatter your features, skin tone and overall appearance. Most of the stylists do the trick by minimizing the waist size that makes your breasts appear bigger. Another trick is to use horizontal lines and belts to shift the focus to the breasts and create proportionate features.

Remember that the trick lies in choosing the appropriate outfit, the colors, the necklines etc. Avoid using clothes that reveal your small busts. Instead use some of these tricks and tips to wear appropriate clothing so that you can enhance your busts, build confidence and feel better. Refer to various fashion magazines for more tips on how to enhance your breasts with fashionable clothes to make you look more attractive.