Clothing Line Ads That Created Controversy In April

Akshay KaushalApr 18 2012

With the outrage over the Urban Outfitters showing a lesbian kiss in their catalogue, we thought of showing you some of the similar controversies which sparked off this month and were told to be as inappropriate for children or public viewing.

The recent Urban Outfitter catalogue ad that showed two teenage girls kissing raised eyebrows and an anti gay community targeted the clothing retailer by writing a comment on their website saying that the content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.

The American Apparels clothing chain did ads showing models wearing nothing but socks which was termed as exploitative after a watchdog ruled a series of ads saying that they were likely to cause serious and widespread offence.

This picture was taken by a fine arts student as a class assignment in hopes of humanizing women who wear the niqab but the people took it other ways and a controversy evoked over the picture.

Even David Beckham’s new underwear add was under a controversy as some of the people criticized it by saying that it was unsuitable for children to see on the television. The bulge that Beckham showed through his underwear was considered to be offensive. Later, the watchdogs said that this ad was fine for public viewing.