Is Brad Pitt Copying Johnny Depp’s style?

Akshay KaushalMar 24 2012

Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are the two most delirious hunks of the tinsel villa with an impeccable style. With killer looks to die for, these men still appear the same as they were in the heydays. Be it any event or premiere, both are dressed to the nines. Of late, they have two things in common. The first is obviously the age and the second is the style. Now, it’s Brad who is trying the copy Johnny’s look.

Is Johnny Depp The Styleguru of Brad Pitt?
Is Johnny Depp The Styleguru of Brad Pitt?

The Troy star is certainly learning from his style and it is visible in his latest look that he has kept of long and flowy tresses. And it’s not just the hairstyle that’s brings the similarity but the eyeglass frame as well.

Correlating Johnny’s appearance in Cosmique Movie Awards and Brad’s premiere look of the “Land Of Blood And Honey,” the picture gets to be clearer and one can easily say that Brad Pitt is going Johnny Depp’s way.

Now we know the reason why Johnny Depp is chosen as the style icon. Though the "Pirates of The Caribbean" star dress quirkly and outlandishly but his style is always admirable. Which is why he seems to be a style guru for so many admirers including Brad Pitt who tops his list.