Abigail Leigh Spencer

United States
About Abigail Leigh Spencer
Born on: Aug 04, 1981 (Age: 32)
Born in: Florida
Marital status: married
Height: 5' 5''
Sunsign: Leo
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 33-24-34
Popular As: Actress

Abigail Spencer is an American actress famous for her roles in various television series, particularly ‘Mad Men’ where she essays a recurring role. The actress is also known for her chic and comfortable fashion choices, along with her lavish lifestyle and her stint in the movies. This 30 years old, brunette beauty recently played short but enthusiastic roles in ‘Cowboys and Aliens,’ and ‘This means War!’

The black hot swimwear

Even though Abigail has a toned, petite frame, yet she is generally not spotted wearing bikinis. The actress was just once spotted wearing a swimsuit before she decided to do a photo shoot for Esquire magazine. She wore a black swimsuit that featured a tank top and hot bottoms in black. The black top looked quite sexy while the bottoms looked chic and trend. The spaghetti style straps on the top worked well as they didn’t make her look too sexy or too simple. The swimsuit accentuated her curves and made her look more curvaceous than before. She wore sexy peep toes with the swimwear and left her hair loose with layers to look sexy, suave and stylish.

Andrew Pruett

Abigail Spencer has been in just one relationship since her entry into the Hollywood. She dated Andrew Pruett, a businessman. The two had been into a relationship even before Abigail tasted any fame or popularity. They both had a secret wedding in 2004. Andrew and Abigail have a child together named Roman. For over 5 years, they both dealt with trials and tribulations, which left several scars on their marriage. As of now, the couple is separated and Abigail is not dating any one else.

'Cowboys and Aliens’ World premiere

Abigail wore a sexy and stylish by all means outfit for the world premiere of her movie, ‘Cowboys and Aliens.’ The actress opted for a lovely strapless dress straight from the fall collection of Oscar De La Renta and combined it with sexy peep toes and Judith Leiber’s ‘Slidelock’ clutch. The dress-featured multi coloured sequins, which added tons of sparkle and vibrancy to the outfit. The rise and fall in the hemline worked really well as the dress looked quite detailed and inspired. This time too, she left her long hair open and opted for a centre part that accentuated her facial bones.

Annual InStyle Summer Soiree

The brunette beauty, Abigail Spencer wore a chic outfit for this event by grabbing an ensemble straight from the runway to red carpet. This divine outfit featured a sleeveless ivory cape dress along with a ruffle detail around the waistline. The reason it suited Abigail a lot was because of her petite frame. The actress is thin and has no bulges or hidden fat areas. Therefore, the outfit only accentuated her slim figure. She complemented the outfit by choosing a black clutch and wore Jimmy Choo’s ‘Zodiac’ shoes. These peep toes looked perfect with the outfit.

‘Bird’ dress for the Coach benefit event

Actress Abigail Spencer wore a printed maxi dress from Juicy Coutere for the Coach benefit event in LA. The dress wasn’t very stylish, but Abigail made it look quite chic and trendy. The blue prints over a grey background appeared quite classy, elegant and perfect for the occasion. It made her look taller and leaner. She added a small necklace and a pretty bracelet to accessorize with the outfit and left her hair loose to look a natural beauty.

The layered hair

Abigail looks the best when she styles her hair into something simple, clean and easy to make. Therefore, when she arrived for an event in a simple, layered, loose hairstyle, she looked worth million dollars. Her medium length locks were left open and had light streaks of blond color. The hairstyle was in layers, therefore each bang emphasized on a part of her face or neck. The center part always looks good on Spencer. This time, her hair color matched her honey brown eyes and complemented her face structure really well. The minimum makeup and neutral lipstick added lots of grace and charm to her simple hairstyle.

Loose wavy hair

At times Abigail feels like experimenting with her hair. But she doesn’t like trying hair colours, so instead, she opts for different hairstyles. While some of them look quite classy and sophisticated, others look a little too weird for the sweet face Abigail. For a cosmopolitan event, the actress opted for loose wavy hair, which looked more like a disaster rather than a fashion statement. It appeared that she forgot styling her hair. Not only the style was unkempt and messy, it also didn’t suit Abigail’s face structure and instantly made her look 10 or even 15 years older. Plus, what’s with those huge glasses? They look weird rather than stylish.

The curly up do

Abigail has long, beautiful, wavy brown hair and she styles them really well. But generally, this lady opts for loose hair. So, when she was spotted with an up do, she garnered tons of media attention. For a red carpet event, this beauty opted for a curly hairdo. While, many celebs would refrain from trying something like this, especially if they have facial structure like that of Abigail, but she decided to experiment with her hair. And yes, she looks adorable. Those curls give her the advantage to show off her oval face, her cheekbones and her lips. At the same time, they give her fresh, unique appeal.

Andrew Pruett

Relationship History 2004 - 2012

Abigail’s first husband was Andrew Pruett, whom she secretly married in the year 2004. For long, they were eyed by the paparazzi that tried to cover every single little detail of their lives. But in 2012, Abigail filed for a divorce from him, citing irreconcilable differences behind the split. They both surprised the media with their sudden split. They both have a child together, named Roman.


From Andrew Pruett

Roman is the first child of Abigail Spencer from her marriage to Andrew Pruett. The child is three years old and is already an appealing personality for the media because of his cute features, his appearances with Abigail and the faces he makes when a photographer tries to take his photos. Andrew and Abigail, both have joint legal and physical custody of their son.


Like all other celebrities, Abigail never forgets to use a blusher on her face. This is because blusher highlights her cheeks and her cheekbones. At the same time, blusher makes her skin look fresh, radiant and cheerful. Therefore, she uses Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour blush that gives her a natural glowing look. She loves trying pink shades for the blusher most of the time because that suits her skin tone, but at the same time, she also tries bronze blusher when she needs a tanned, smoking hot look for a red carpet event.

Curly eyelashes

Abigail seems to be in love with curly eyelashes. She loves to use mascara that curls her eyelashes to give her strong, dramatic eyes. At the same time, they highlight her beautiful honey colour eyes that appear to hold every emotion. She uses Maybelline’s Unstoppable curling eyelashes mascara that is smudge proof and waterproof. Plus its brush has densely packed bristles, which allows her to get those bold black curly eyelashes that she desires for. At the same time, it is easy to take off whenever required. Therefore, she can have dramatic, curly eyelashes at one second and natural eyelashes in the other second.

The red lip color

In Hollywood, every female celebrity is best known for how well she wears a red lip colour. This is because red is the only colour that not only sparks the sensuality of a celebrity, but at the same time it can mar the look as it is difficult to wear and carry. Therefore, Abigail ensures that she opts for the best makeup and lip colour that suits her skin tone, her lips, her teeth and her ensembles. She loves to wear LORAC’s red lip colour that helps her achieve a variety of looks including fierce hot, retro inspired or just a red carpet look. She prefers the glossy lipstick rather than matte one as it really works well with her lips and keeps them moisturized.

Cowboys and Aliens

For long Abigail Spencer had just been known for her role in different Television series. But this time, the actress proved her worth by playing Daniel Craig’s lost love’s character in the 2011 movie, Cowboys and Aliens. The role was short but Abigail made her presence felt in the movie. The movie had various themes interwoven together and did well at the box office but received mixed reviews from the critics.

This Means War

Abigail started off this year big by playing the role of Katie in the romantic, action comedy ‘This means War.’ She played the role of Tom Hardy’s ex wife in the movie. Even though Reese Witherspoon was the leading lady, but Abigail stole a part of her limelight by playing her role strong. She even received favourable reviews from the critics even though the movie itself couldn’t get high ratings.


Abigail Spencer essayed the role of Wendy in a Romanian romantic film titled, ‘Hooked.’ The movie-featured story of a couple who experience a dramatic turn of events after their car hits a prostitute. The movie did fairly well at the Romanian box office and Abigail managed to impress the audience with her short but powerful performance. Also, the movie allowed her to take a step further in her acting career.

The curly hair photo shoot

Sometime back, Abigail decided to experiment with her hair and left them curled. It is true that her hair is naturally curly, but she generally opts for sleek, straight hair whenever she makes a public appearance. But recently, she decided to try a curly hair up do that helped her garner praises from fashion gurus. Therefore, she decided to keep the hairstyle for a while and did a photo shoot to highlight the change in her hair. The curly hair and the portfolio shoot helped her show off her perfect face, her flawless skin and her shiny, curly hair. The photo shoot not just helped her gain popularity, but it also helped her to promote her upcoming flick, ‘Oz-The Great and Powerful.’


For a photo shoot for Esquire, Abigail decided to bare and did a raunchy photo shoot in a swimwear that showed off her petite frame and made her look beautiful and sexy at the same time. This photo shoot was done to raise her chances of becoming a bigger star as she posed like a high style Hollywood fashionista or diva without going over board. Those brown locks were styled in layers. This time she opted for a side part that instantly made her look at least 5 years younger, accentuated her cheek bones and made her look hotter and sexier.

Photo Shoot for Ok! Magazine

Actress Abigail Spencer did a classic, sophisticated photo shoot for the Ok! Magazine. The actress decided to go retro and looked as beautiful as an actress from yesteryears. For the cover she wore a Joey Grana dress that was quite 60’s with black and white colours and a plunging neckline. She showed off her naturally curly hair and passed off her wide smile in the picture. In the editorial spread, she discussed her beauty secrets and her love for curling her eye shadows. In another picture she wore a warm and beautiful yellow dress with floral pattern, accessorized it with white pearls and did the classic up do for the sophisticated, 60’s housewife look.

Abigail Leigh Spencer

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